Our Lion is the representing symbol of Cricket Collection; designed to add a distinctive edge to our equipment known for their classic feel and impeccable quality.
So, why a lion you might ask?

'The Lion is the symbol of courage, personal strength and power: is is mostly associated with courage and a representation of our personal strength and power'

Our goal was to design something that embodies the pure fearlessness needed to achieve greatness when playing cricket. In terms of stylisation, the lion’s segmental design is that inspired by the Japanese paper folding technique known as ‘Origami’. Its symbolism of taking nothing and turning it into something holds true to The Sport FCTRY’s belief of creating great sporting moments from quality, not expense.


The design jumps from screen to reality through a gold foil print on our hand-stitched cricket ball collection.

The Lion Head design is Proudly featured on four of our Cricket balls amongst our collection as a symbol of Power and Strength; The Incrediball, The Windball, The Swift Ladies Ball and Indoor Ball!

You can shop our Cricket Ball Collection, featuring our Iconic Lion Design HERE.