School Uniforms - Why work with MX?

•       One Stop Shop: Every school is unique, and our dedicated team will take your brief and design your uniforms and sports playing kit. Upon approval, we will manufacture and deliver your uniform straight to you.

•       Earn up to 30% on sales: We bring an efficient supply chain, that eliminates the need for intermediaries. This way we give the margins on sales direct to the school. The School earns up to 30% of the selling price of uniforms for its funding requirements.

•       Value for Money: We focus our attention on creating superior quality products and provide them to parents at an affordable price. Our kids are always smartly dressed and parents do not have to continuously buy new uniforms. On average our uniform lasts 1.5 times longer than the competitors uniform. This is because we bring our expertise of manufacturing for large sports brands to school uniforms.

•       Sales channels: We can work with your School PTA, your own School Shop or your online Shop – whichever you are currently using. 

•       School quality survey: We regularly conduct product quality surveys in schools. We have consistently come up with outstanding results. In a recent 2018 sample survey of 300 parents – 98% picked MX quality over our competitors. Parents typically buy fewer items of uniform per year, thereby making huge savings. 

•       Back-to-School brochures: We supply you with Back-to-School Uniform brochures to distribute to the parents as part of the Admission package (a copy of the brochure we design is attached).

•       Your web-shop images: We supply you with all the marketing materials/images to put on your Online Shop, if you have one.

•       Ready-to-Go products: Your logo uniforms come to you completely customised with your logos and heat press requirements. We dont expect you to run around getting embroidery and heat press done. This saves you cost and time.

Switching is easy. We will be more than happy to meet you and show you our quality, so you are sure of what we will provide to you and the funds that we can generate for your School.