ExaFit Adjustable Massage Stick

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The rolling Vari-Massage Stick from Exafit is the ultimate massage stick, giving you the ability to choose from two different arrangements for maximum deep tissue massage. Ideal for targeting your trigger points and myofascial release on specific parts of the body including:quads, thighs, hamstrings, ITB, calves and achilles, also equally good on the upper body for massaging the shoulders, neck and arms.  Perfect for use before or after exercise to increase circulation, soothe tight muscles and ease aches and pains. It can help to speed up recovery time and rehabilitation after a tough workout or injury as well as being lightweight and portable, so it will easily fit in your kitbag.   The order of the cogs can be changed to create diffferent massaging effects, simply pull one of the handles off and use the numbers on the cogs to re-order. Ergonomically designed handles allow you to vary from light to deep tissue massage. 12 high density  TPR cogs provides fast and effective self myofascial release. Flexible core allows the cogs to contour to your muscles.

✓ Interchangeable cogs for different massage effects
✓ Ergonomic handle to help vary intensity
✓ Fast & effective myofascial release
✓ Flexible core to contour to your muscle