Medicine Ball-3 Kg

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The Medicine Ball is a great tool for a complete body workout, especially when combined with a Swissball. It can be used to strengthen shoulders, back, arms and legs as well as improving core trunk strength and joint integrity. It also makes an exceptional abdominal exercise tool to create powerful and rock hard abs. Unlike weight machines that are bolted to the floor and give a limited unnatural movement, medicine ball workouts provide weight-resistance through a full range of motion. The medicine ball is a unique tool to learn and train sports specific and explosive motion exercises, and is used by many professional athletes, boxers, golf and tennis players. Made from rubber these balls bounce, are waterproof and easy to grip.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions - 22cm diameter
  • Weight - 3kg
  • Material - Rubber
  • Colour - Black body with light blue stripe
Medicine Ball-3 Kg