X 15.3 CG J (ASTRO) Adidas

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Football boots (Astro)    Model: AF4813

Modern football isn’t just played on grass, 11 a-side. No, these days football can be played on any surface, all the time! It’s about expressing yourself, it’s about the sweetest tricks, greatest goals and humiliating your direct opponent.

Even though the 15.3 Cage is the most price friendly alternative in the collection that doesn’t mean adidas have compromised on quality or design.

The boot is made with a synthetic upper, which is soft and supple. The synthetic material is easy to maintain and has a very low water intake. In addition you get the look from the more expensive models in the collection, so you still have the modern and sharp design.

The sole on the X 15.3 Cage is designed to give good grip on artificial surfaces, like artificial grass- and gravel pitches.

This TF boot is made specially for artificial surfaces including turf and artificial turf.

Weight: 278 grams.

X 15.3 CG J (ASTRO) Adidas