11NOVA-Football Boots (SG)

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Model: B26891, 11 NOVA SG

adidas 11Nova is the classic 11Pro boots younger brother, but the boot doesn’t hold back for that reason.

The boot is made with an upper of the very soft ULTK-leather, which gives good comfort, a perfect fit and a nice touch on the ball. 11Nova is like the 11Pro equipped with a skeleton that is designed to give extra stability. The technically advanced support construction is implemented in the front foot and heel and helps provide added support and stability, so you get maximal lockdown and nice fit

The inside of the 11Nova is covered with soft and comfortable suede, which not only provides a sweet fit, but also keeps the upper soft and supple.

11Nova is made with adidas' ’Comfort Frame’ sole. The boot is furthermore equipped with Traxion 2.0 hybrid studs, which are a mixture of replaceable universal studs and fitted molded TPU studs. This gives the optimal distribution of pressure, while still giving you maximal acceleration and grip on soft pitches.

The boot will bring great joy to most footballers, who are looking for a classic and comfortable football boot, at a very sharp price.

With SG-studs to soft surfaces like wet grass.

11NOVA-Football Boots (SG)