NuttyBuddy (Abdo Guard, Box, Groin Guard)

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Nutty Buddy

Funny name, serious protection. Super impact resistance, materials and design. Comes with performance warranty. Featured on CNN, Fox Sports Science, ESPN & more. Fits into the Compression shorts.

Professional cricketers face 90+ MPH balls every day. The NuttyBuddy is a system that provides more comfort and protection than any other cup on the market. Players at all levels are advised to wear a cup. And they should all be wearing a NuttyBuddy.

Size Cup Depth (inch) Cup Width (inch) Cup Length (inch) Height (Ft) Weight (LBS)
Mongo 2.5" 4.35" 7.18" 6'2" 210
Trophy 2.375" 4.11" 7.03" 5'8"-6'2" 170-210
Hog 2.25" 4" 6.83" 5'4"-5'8" 130-170
Boss 2" 3.41" 6.23" 4'6"-5'4" 80-130
Hammer  1.75" 3.02" 5.73" Up to 4'6" Up to 80

Customer Reviews

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Anthony Adams
My Boy's best buddy

The best cup I have worn and the only cup I will ever wear. I umpire high school cricket with this on and once got hit by a 70-80 mph fast ball -- all I felt was some slight pressure. The whole crowd, "Ooohed," and grimaced in sympathy. Meanwhile, I stood tall and unhurt. I was skeptical when I saw batsmen deflect 90 mph fast balls straight to groin with this on in an episode of Sport Science. If worn correctly, this really does protect you. Just make sure that it fits snugly. Wear this in between a pair of compression shorts and a traditional jock strap: it works like a charm. Surprisingly, the unconventional shape does not cause any discomfort. In fact, this is less cumbersome than traditionally shaped cups. A must buy.

Oliver Smith
Perfect Box / Groin Guard / Abdominal Guard . . . what ever you may call it

The shape seems odd at first. It fits anatomically excellent and makes the cup safe, comfortable, flat and unobtrusive. It is lightweight, stable and ideal for all occasions. The length and the bulges damp and divert hits and impacts from any direction reliably and painlessly to the body and prevent injuries.
The application is very fast. The cup positions itself almost exactly in the right place and does not slip.
Inside there is space for personal preferences. Everything gets fixated flat on the body without mutual contact. Nothing scrubs or pinches. You feel immediately everything completely enclosed and protected. After a short time you don't notice the cup anymore and you could wear it all the time as a pleasant solid shell.
With the right size the cup fits like a skin and does not wobble. The border must touch the body everywhere evenly and test shocks get dissipated. The cup doesn't bother even in extreme movements and stays securely in place.