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The ultimate athlete will capitalise on every advantage available to them in order to gain the extra competitive edge on the field and these Battle Hybrid Receiver Gloves are a fine example of that. They are a state-of-the-art pair of gloves that combine superior levels of comfort with enhanced performance opportunities.

They remain within the legal stick limit so that you can take full advantage of the enhanced grip without breaking any rules. In addition to that advantage, they also offer significant protection to the hands and fingers, giving you the confidence to play your very best without fear of injury.

The PerfectFit material used provides the ultimate in comfort, with advanced breathability and the Velcro closure promotes superior freedom of motion. Take your game to the next level, pull out all-the-stops and charge towards victory with a newfound confidence. At Battle Sports Science, the proof is in your hands!

HybridFoodball Receiver Gloves