Haere Mai Rugby Ball (Size-4)

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We believe the days when designs of rugby balls were created for a generic audience are long gone. Every rugby playing region/community has its distinct art and culture. Our Design Team thought it would be ideal to honour the art and culture of these nations/communities reflect them I the design of our rugby balls.

The MX rugby balls are the first in a series of designer rugby balls. Elements from Maori art in wood, metal, bone, painting and tattooing have been combined to create a series of balls that represent the Maori culture.

Whilst they capture vividly the art and culture of the Maoris, these balls are also first-class Match balls, except the Souvenir Ball. The balls are made with 1.5mm (5-Layer) Outer PU fabric, a latex bladder with Butyl Valve and conform to the Rugby Association specifications. Carefully handcrafted these balls are a pleasure to play with and to display your art and culture.