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Protect yourself with the ONLY patent pending over-the-cleat system that provides FUNCTIONAL STABILITY. The XFAST allows the athlete to achieve superior performance without restriction. It does so by allowing full active range of motion with a dynamic support system that engages when the ankle is at its highest risk of injury.

Taking part in competitive sports at any level is fraught with risk, which is why there is no shame in gearing yourself up with the appropriate level of protective equipment. There is a ridiculous stigma that surrounds wearing supportive equipment, as though the player isn't as brave or that they are not as competent, which is, of course, absolute nonsense.

Many of the best athletes in the world go out of there way to wear the very best in supportive sporting equipment so that they can avoid injury at all costs and remain very much on the field. After all, what do you think is more ridiculous: wearing an XFAST Ankle Support System or being sidelined for several months because you were too proud to strap up and protect yourself?

Don't leave any room for error and afford yourself the peace of mind knowing that your ankles are being supported when they are at the highest risk of injury. Our XFAST Ankle Support System straps on comfortably over your boots, providing superior performance without any restriction whatsoever.

They boast a safe range of motion, they are easily fine-tuned and adjusted, and they provide functional stability, which means that you can push yourself further, harder and faster without fear of causing yourself any unnecessary injuries which could put you out of the game for good. You are in complete control.